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Features of the Huntsman Rifle

Huntsman Rifle

We are proud to introduce our Huntsman series of hunting/guide rifles. These will first be offered only in three caliber with lots more to come. They will be offered in 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 308 Win. We are only going to offer these in short action calibers for now. We are working on a long action variant as well.

Mjolnir Action

Receiver is one piece with integral recoil lug and integral 20 MOA picatinny rail.
Integral Recoil Lug is .240 thick
Action weighs in at right under 2lbs 5 oz
Overall length of pic rail is 5.75″
Utilizes a mini M16 style extractor and plunger ejector
Receiver is rough machined, heat treated, bolt races are EDM’d, and finish machined to ensure exacting dimensional tolerances.
One piece bolt is designed with proper geometry and clearance to allow smooth operation under field conditions.
Fluting on top and sides of bolt body carry dirt away while a smooth bottom portion ensures smooth cycling.
Huntsman Rifles will come standard with a carbon fiber Proof Research barrel cut at 22″ with a Sendero contour. These will be threaded 5/8-24 ready for the users choice of a suppressor or muzzle brake. We reccomend the use of KGM Suppressors.


The rifles will come standard with Hawkins Precision Hunter bottom metal which is capable of accepting any AICS patterned magazine. The Hunstman will include a flush fit 3 round magazine for a sleek hunting style look.

The stock of choice is an AG Composites Alpine Hunter and will include QD Sling points on the left side of the stock for easy sling placement.

The stock foreend will also inlude a full length arca rail for easy tri-pod and bipod attachment. This will make the rifle extremely easy to mount to a tripod for any type of field shot you will need to make. It will be the most stable you can get than using any kind of shooting sticks of hog saddle type of mount. You do not have to worry about crushing the stock with pressure when you mount directly to the arca rail.

The trigger in the rifle will be a single stage Timney HIT Trigger. These will be set at the factory pull weight. We can customize it if the customer requests a certain pull weight so long as it passes all the safety checks.

Current weight of the rifle will be right under 7lbs.

Rifle does not include scope, scope mount, suppressor, or bipod. All of this is sold seperately which we can aquire for you.