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Long Range Rifle Intro Course


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2 Days, 140 Rounds, Course Fee $500

This course will cover everything from rifle setup, gear selection, basic ballistics and data cards, scope nomenclature and usage, mil/moa scope adjustments, prone and positional shooting, and yardages from 15 yards to 1000yards. If you are new Precision Rifles or you are an experienced shooter looking to move to the next level this is the course for you. This course will enhance your understanding and repeatability of accuracy at distance.

Course topics:

·       Fundamentals of marksmanship for precision rifles

·       Scope features and adjustments

·       Proper Rifle setup

·       Rifle maintenance

·       Ballistic data/apps

·       Internal/external ballistics

·       Wind estimation techniques

·       Conventional positional shooting

·       Alternative shooting positions

·       How to build a proper shooting position

·       Fundamental error vs environmental errors

·       Range estimation methods

·       Ballistic Data Truing

·       Precision rifle gear

·       Shooter mindset and proformance

Contact: Red Beard Gunworks


Course fee: $500

Course dates are: Nov 18-19 2023

Location: Bridle Iron South in Refugio, TX


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